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Social & Environmental Responsibility

Our company cares about the enviroment

Tamco believes that to achieve environmentally responsible business, the company should identify its place in the environment and society.
Only after lie as one of the links in the chain, it becomes possible to identify the best way to maximize the positive impacts and minimize the negative impacts. The environmental policy of Tamco is based on this right, from the planning of the structure, to the actions of everyday life.

About half the land of 129,000 m2 where is the production unit of Tamco is reserved for the preservation of vegetation and natural waters. The main routes of movement and transport are built with blocks that facilitate the absorption of water by the soil and prevent flooding both in the company's premises and to neighboring communities. All actions and decisions are made, in everyday life, considering the fragile environment that we live, and always seeking to generate positive impacts.

The local force moves the company! Most Tamco employees are locals, who proudly dedicate themselves to building every day a better place to live, work and grows. The development of the company and the town only happen together, and therefore the company is dedicated to returning the region that it helps to generate.

The social and environmental responsibility is not constructed from words, but from actions, so the connection between company-environment-society should happen every day in the best way. This is the goal and what moves Tamco Lubricants.